Quite possibly one of the most comprehensive and informative books published regarding the role of Scouts in the Second World War.

Written in the time of post 1945, it encompasses the stories of Scouts as they met in secret during occupation, took leading roles in the rescue of civilians within England, and the integral involvement with the Resistance Movement within various countries.

A few significant facts:

  • Scouts in NSW errected "Shadow Hangars" at airfields and performed other camoflague tasks
  • In NZ, Scouts created enough camo netting it would take 1 man 25 years to make the equivalent
  • The Changi Prisoner of War camp housed a Rover Crew
  • (Acting) Wing Commander Guy P Gibson VC DFC DFO led the raid on the Moehne Dam. He was also a Rover from 1st Tovil
  • Sea Scouts assisted in the evacuation of troops from Dunkirk

These are just a tiny piece of the contribution of Scouts across the world.

You can read the electronic copy here.



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