The following roles are required to be filled in order for the parade to be a successful and safe event:


Parade Oversight

Location: Flinders St to St.Kilda Rd

Duties: Observe the parade and ensure that all Scout members are safe and to report any incidents or issues as they occur. A secondary task to to observe the vehicles in the parade and to record the details of any who are using hand held cameras while driving. This year, the role expands further, with the task of ensuring the public are behind the barriers and yellow tram lines to ensure the safe movement of vehicles during the Commemorative March. The photographers will work with you throughout the event.


Veteran Assistance

Location: Shrine of Remembrance

Duties: At the direction of ADF and Scouting personnel, you will be required to assist Veterans exiting parade cars. Ladders, steps and seating will be available.


Event Time Keeper

Location: Super Tram Stop Swanston St/Arts Centre

Duties: To asssist the RSL Marshal to obtain an accurate record of the unit start times across the start/finish line to aid with the planning for the 2020 event.



Location: Federation Square

Duties: Assist the Administration Team with sign in, checking of forms and advising members of locations. Also to provide assisatance to Bob Cater for the distribution of members for banner/sign assistance, and the assembling of the formed body for the combined Scouts and Guides formation at the end of the parade.


Event Photographers

Location: Parade Route

Duties: To make a photographic record of the day for use within various Scout websites, publications and promotional products. At the direction of the RSL and the ADCC, you will be briefed on the access limitations enforced upon all media throughout the event. You will also be working under the supervision of the Parade Oversight team.


Intersection Control

Location: Flinders/Swanston Sts and as directed

Duties: To assist Victoria Police with the duties of pedestrian control during the event. Barriers will be moved at their direction to open/close crossings. Primary direction will be handled by Mat McKernan (Flinders/Swanston Control). A seperate briefing will be run my Mat on the morning of the march.


Banner/Sign collection

Location: Shrine of Remembrance

Duties: Assist in the collection of banners and flags carried in the parade from the WW1 and WW2 conflicts, and to collect all Unit Designation Signs and return all of these to the truck throughout the duration of the march.


Truck Unloading

Location: Federation Square at Scout HQ

Duties: Assit in the removing of banners, signs and associated items from the RSL truck upon arrival at Federation Sqaure circa 6.30am.


Drinks Tent

Location: Shrine of Remembrance

Duties: Assist the assigned Marshall to provide drinks and food for the parade bands. Includes unloading of the truck circa 7.45am at the Shrine.


Dawn Serivice Assistance

Location: Shrine of Remembrance

Duties: Assist the ADCC with the management of the General Public at the conclusion of the Dawn Service ceremony - this involves assisting with managing the queues at the Gunfire Breakfast outside of Victoria Barracks in St.Kilda Rd. The important detail is the start time of 6.20am. The meeting point will be at the statue of Sir Edward Weary Dunlop along St.Kilda Rd at 5.15am.


March Response Team

Location: March Route

Duties: The Response Team will consist of 2 groups of 4 members who will be placed along the march route in order to suppliment and assist during an incident. For example - should a medical incident occur, the RT would move into the area and ensure the General Public are kept at a distance. These duties will be fluid on the day, and are directed into position by the Overwatch radio callsign.



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