All Scout members are required to follow the protocols set forth by both the National Policy and Rules (NPR, R15.4.1, pg 101) and the RSL guidelines in regard to the salute on ANZAC Day.



Basic Protocol for Banners

As a guide, all Scouting members (whilst in uniform) are required to turn their head to the right and dip the banner (not white unit signs) as they approach and pass the Eternal Flame. There are signs on the right of the march pathway to indicate the point at which this occurs for the Melbourne CBD event.



Scout Salutes

At no stage is a Scout member to perform a standard Scout salute while carrying out their duties on the day, as they will not be saluting another uniformed Scout during the march. The mass formed body at the end of the Commemmoration March is required to again perform an "Eyes Right" approaching the flame, as those carrying banners will have done during the march.


This has been the practice followed by Scouts, Guides and St Johns cadets for a number of years now. I will also point out that Scouting members generally don't follow the actions of the ADF cadets as they tend to forget to dip the banners, or to perform the "Eyes Right".



Non CBD Requirements

Local RSLs will have differing requirements, however that is not an area the ANZAC Day team have much control over. It is suggested that you follow up with your local RSL, however they will generally accept the standards set out above.



Current or former serving ADF members

Should you be a current or former serving ADF member in Scout Uniform on the day, the general rule is to follow the Scout guidleines above, unless you are marching with your ADF formation/Unit Association. This is the only time an exception to the above rule is made.




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