Planning activities around ANZAC Day and Australia's military history has been made easier with the availability of resources online from numerous sources. We are always adding to this list, and the following websites can be of help. Some of these also have kits that can be purchased, however most are free resources.


Official Histories - Australian War Memorial

This site has the officially chronicled histories available in PDF format to download, and covers WW1, WW2, Korea, SE Asian conflicts, and Peacekeeping and Post Cold War Operations.


Collection Search - Australian War Memorial

This is a handy link to search the AWMs collection of substatial items covering our involvement in conflicts since the Boer War.


Resources and Activities - Australian War Memorial

Freely downloadble and streaming content from the AWM. Handy resource for those who cannot attend the AWM in person.


Memorial boxes - Australian War Memorial

If you can't get to Canberra, the AWM can come to you - each box (a total of 6 are available) covers each major conflict and topics of discussion. Each box also contains artefacts, photographs, teaching notes and much more, and can be used to create a unique event or actvity. Please note that while the boxes are supplied free of charge, bookings are required, and you may ned to pay freight depending on distance or your ability to arrange a personal collection and return.


Victoria's own memorial - Shrine of Rememberance

Built by returned veterans and funded by public donations, the Shrine of Rememberance is one of the largest memorials outside of the AWM in Canberra. It is also the centrepiece of ceremonies in Melbourne, and hosts events most days of the week. Scouting's involvement covers the Boer War, ANZAC Day and Reserve Forces Day ceremonies during the course of the year.

Tours and resources are free, however a donation is welcome.



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