What TVs or Movies can be used to convey the experiences of Australians in various theatres of war over the last 120 years? Many of these will be available from places such as JB HiFi, Big W, Kmart, Target and so on. Some may also be available as a digital download. Many of the TV shows listed will run on The History Channel on Foxtel during the period surrounding April 25th and November 11th (Rememberance Day).

Not all of the shows listed below are suitable for all sections. Please use the ratings provided on the title's packaging as a guide. While this will also include the TV shows listed, many are rated G or PG.

Have we missed something? Please advise us so we can add them to the list.


TV Shows


The Cowra Breakout


Australians at War


The Dunera Boys

The Battle of Long Tan

For Valour

The Battle of the Somme

The Digger: A History

Charles Bean's Great War

Revealing Gallipoli

The Bombing of Darwin

Somme: Defeat to Victory

The Roar of the Kittyhawk

Winning WW1 - The Western Front Diaries

Beyond Kokoda


Later this year/early next year (2015), Neil Oliver and Tony Robinson will be presenting shows on Australia's involvement in WW1. These shows are currently being filmed and will be added to this list upon completion.



Breaker Morant


Forty Thousand Horsemen

The Lighthorsemen

Blood Oath

The Highest Honor

Rats of Tobruk

Kokoda Frontline


The Odd Angry Shot

Attack Force Z

Beneath Hill 60



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