In the event of a major incident, alll members are to follow the directions of Victoria Police who will assume control of the situation. Please observe the following guidelines during such an incident:

  • Do not use mobile phones
  • Do not return home or leave the event area until instructed to do so
  • Remain in your position unless it is not safe to do so
  • All Scout members should return to Federation Square ASAP to be accounted for
  • If you have a radio, STAY OFF THE CHANNEL. You will be issued instrucitions via the "Control" callsign only
  • During incident the callsigns "Control" and "Overwatch" have priority


The Administration Team requires all Scouts Victoria members to make their way to one of two muster points designated on posters displayed at the Administration desk. These areas will be manned with trained First Aiders and Event Staff, and they allow us to easily ascertain everyone's status. You will be directed to these locations by Scout Marshalls located along the event route.

Each area of responsiblity for Parade Oversight will be issued with a more detailed outline for the day.

If you are in a location that requires medical intervention, please make contact with the nearest Parade Official. Scout members will be denoted along the route with a Hi Viz green vest with March Marshall on the front and back. Victoria Police are expected to be in the predominately dark blue uniform with Hi Viz vests. All Australian Defence Force and Senior March Personnel will wear a maroon sleeve on their right arm.



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