Should a major incident occur, the following plan is in place for 2019.

All Leaders, Rover and Scout Marshals should make themselves aware of the changes from last year.

This process pertains to a significant incident with multiple injuries or major impacts, much more serious than an incident as we’ve seen in the past with vehicle accidents or single person medical emergencies.

During this time do not use mobile devices, post on social media or sharing information until informed you’re able to do so. We are not attempting to silence anyone, access to the Mobile network will become limited and our main priority is to account for everyone and move them to safety.

This year we have moved Evacuation Point 1 (Echo Papa 1) to now be located at Captain Cooks Cottage in the Fitzroy Gardens (Wellington Parade, East Melbourne)

Scout Marshals will take control of Scouts and guides and begin the process of moving all members to their nearest accessible Evacuation Point.

Leaders and Venturers/Rovers are asked to:

  1. Account for your team and fellow members
  2. Locate your nearest Scout Marshal with a radio (wearing a yellow March Marshal vest)
  3. If you and your members are not injured. Depart the area with all Scouting/Guides (adults, youth, supporters) members in your direct vicinity. Proceed directly to one of two Evacuation Points as directed by the Scout Marshal.
    1. Any injured members to remain with a Leader present
    2. Members to the North of the incident are to proceed to Captain Cooks Cottage in the Fitzroy Gardens. This is Echo Papa 1
    3. Members to the South, or if you are unable to cross the Yarra, assemble at the entry to the Sidney Myer Music Bowl (SMMB) in Kings Domain (extension of Linlithgow Av). This is Echo Papa 2
  4. The Administration team will control the Cooks Cottage evacuation point (EP1) and the Shrine team will control the SMMB (EP2) site.
  5. At the evacuation location, keep members calm and be reassuring. Provide any First Aid assistance if required.
  6. Any decision to move will be made after a discussion between the Senior Schout Marshals and make use of the Swan St Bridge to converge both groups. This will be made at a time when the incident is under control.
  7. Await further instruction on further movement and the return of Youth members to their homes.

The location of the Evacuation Points are shown in red circles on the map below, along with their relation to the Scout HQ at Federation Square