For this years event, we require a range of roles to be filled by Venturers, Rovers and Leaders. These tasks assist the Administration Team in the management of the event, and the safety of all members on the day.

The following roles (and number of people required) are as follows:

  • Parade Oversight (x10)
  • Veteran Assistance (Shrine, x 8)
  • Administration (x2)
  • Event Photographers (x2)
  • Intersection Control (x20)
  • Banner/Sign collection (Shrine, x3)

For details of what each role involves, please go to the Roles menu item.


Start Times

We require all members to be assembled at the Administration area in Federation Square by 7.30am, and to complete the signing in by 8.00am at the latest. Please note the required times above for the roles we require to fill.

All roles (Oversight, Intersection Control and Shrine based) are required to attend a briefing at 7.00am and to be in place at your assigned locations by 7.45am.

The march will commence with RACV Vehicles leacing the control line (Start Line) from 8.00am. All units and formations will cross the start line at 8.30am.


Finish Times

While every effort is made to complete the parade by the end of the ABC broadcast at 12.30pm, the expected increase in numbers for the next few years (comparing numbers from the previous 5 years) shows we should expect a finish time at the Shrine by then. The ANZAC Day Council are making every effort to ensure the CBD start line is cleared by 12pm, and the last units are at the Shrine by 12.30pm.

All members who participate in the formed Scouts Australia party at the tail end of the parade will be dismissed from the Shrine dispersal area at the conclusion of the event.

All radios, vests and outstanding paperwork must be returned to the Admin team at Federation Square prior to leaving the event.


Lost items/Bag storage

Any items known to be from Scouting members that are left behind without contact details will be returned to the Mt Waverley office at the earliest possible time. The Administration Team take no responsibility for any items left at Federation Square. We suggest an Adult Helper or other responsible parent is brought along to mind the bags. Any unaccompanied bags will be pointed out to Victoria Police.


Health Statement - CareMonkey

Since late 2016, Scouts Victoria have made the transition to online health forms using CareMonkey. All members attending on the day (both Youth and Leaders) will be required to have an up to date profile on CareMonkey in order to participate in the 2019 Event. Paper forms will not be available from the Administration desk on the day.



Please ensure you have a copy of your PIR (Health Info) form with you - it is your responsibility to hold onto this form for the duration of the event.



Please see the additional topics under March Information regarding roles, Uniform, Public Transport and Wet Weather provisions.



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